Show the World How to Make you Happy

Good day, my Wonderful Friend!


I was walking by the flower shop a few days ago and saw beautiful tulips of different colors. I stopped and stepped closer towards the bucket of fresh pink tulips. I felt that they were calling my name: “Hey Gulnara, come closer, smell me, bring me home with you, I know you love beauty, I promise to draw even more beauty into your life and uplift your spirit every time you glance at me” – whispered one pale pink tulip, sticking out tall from the bucket.

A few minutes later I was walking home with a bouquet of pink tulips wrapped in brown craft paper in hand. As I was trimming the stems and placing the flowers into a vase, I was overwhelmed with happiness. I began to think about all the years I have been walking by flower shops, with different flowers calling me each time. Sometimes they were roses, other times daisies or peonies. I would walk by with a hope in my heart that someone else, someday, would bring or send me such beautiful flowers, either as an expression of love or merely knowing that they would bring me happiness and joy.

A few years ago I was passing by a flower shop and at this time it was yellow roses that were calling for me. That day I decided to stop waiting and hoping that someone else would bring me flowers, and instead bought them for myself. That day I was able to show myself self-love by taking action.

I remember loving flowers ever since I was a little girl, and today flowers continue to be the first thing I notice wherever I go. As I reflect on this, I find myself asking: “Why couldn’t I buy them for myself before?” Perhaps I was so preoccupied with seeking love from others as opposed to connecting to the love within myself. I thought that if people loved me, they would know what I liked and want to give that to me. What I forgot, however, is that one of the most important people to show me LOVE is actually ME.

You may have heard the saying, “love is a verb, not a noun.” Without love being active it loses its significance and power. With this in mind, I have a question for you: If love is an action, then how many small or significant acts do you take daily to show yourself love and appreciation?

The day I bought myself yellow roses, was the day I first SHOWED myself that I deserve to be loved and to be surrounded by beauty. Now, if flowers call upon me in the flower shop, I no longer walk away hoping that someone else will bring them to me. Instead, I take it upon myself to buy them. Sometimes I’ll choose to buy a big glamorous bouquet and other times a small and simple bunch of wildflowers. There are even days that I buy myself just a single flower. It’s not the number of flowers or the grandness of the bouquet that makes me happy, it’s the fact that I take action to buy them for myself and enrich my life with natural beauty. I choose to be active, and not passive, in my expression of self-love.

If you love flowers, go get them for yourself. We often use flowers for celebratory purposes and wait for others to give them to us. However, we don’t always need a particular reason to have flowers – embrace your love for flowers, or whatever it is for you that brings you joy.

No matter how challenging or puzzling your life might seem to you right now, please know that it isn’t permanent. Throughout it all, you deserve to celebrate YOU! Explore yourself, get to know what you love and find a way to give it to yourself, be it a flower, a book, a dinner, or a course that you always wanted to take. You are responsible for discovering your authentic desires and needs, the things that fulfill you and make you stronger.

We teach people how to love us. When you show the world what you love by giving it to yourself, there is a very high chance that the world will follow your example and start showing you more love and appreciation as well.

With Love,