Joyful old woman and granddaughter are ready to cook together

Grandmother’s Love and a Child’s Ticket to Success

Good day my Wonderful Friend!


When I was six years old, one of the most favorite things for me was to spend time with the elders in my neighborhood. I loved their wise stories. Unfortunately, in the little town where I grew up, we did not have community centers for elders, and I really wanted to make them happy. Together with the other kids on the block, we decided to organize weekly concerts for the neighborhood elders. I lived with my grandmother on the ground floor, and we used my balcony as a stage. We would handwrite the invitation tickets for each concert, organize and rehearse dances, read poems, and create other entertainment presentations for the shows. For us little kids, and the elderly spectators, those weekly concerts were our summer’s highlights!

One day that felt like the unluckiest day for a 6-year old me, a nurse in my school found lice in my hair. To my dismay, 45 years ago in Kazakhstan, we did not have a medical remedy to get rid of those damn hair insects. My auntie, who picked me up from school took me straight to a barber, who skillfully used a shaving machine to fix the lice problem! I remember looking down and watching my beautiful long curls falling on the floor and in less than 10 minutes, I was walking home with a shiny, bald head. All I was thinking about was a concert in two days and how I would handle the role of the Master of Ceremony and a leading actress with my new, not so attractive image!!!! To make things worse, my aunt brought from a trip a pair of beautiful ribbons with red polka dots. I was looking at them with tears streaming down my cheeks and a feeling of total despair. My chubby, cute grandmother who was raising me, gave me her usual warm hug and said: “People will always love to see you perform with or without the hair. You entertain them with so much love! Plus, you are still beautiful.” I did not believe my grandma at first, but then I saw in her eyes so much genuine love and admiration. Her words cleared my initial thoughts to cancel the program. On the day of the concert, I brought her my ribbons and asked her to tie them up. She looked at me with astonishment and asked: “Where should I tie them?”

“My ears,” I answered with determination. These ribbons will make me more beautiful!’

My grandmother followed my instructions, then looked at me with a big smile and told me that I looked absolutely stunning!

So, here I am a 6-year-old girl with a bald head, red polka dot ribbons tied around her ears, announcing other children’s presentations, dancing and entertaining everyone. As soon as the concert started, that little girl completely forgot about the lost curly, beautiful hair and the pain from her throbbing red ears due to the tightly tied red ribbons that were stopping blood flow!

I still think that on that day, I had the most successful performance of my life and the most number of people laughing with or at me! I felt that unshakable happiness to do what I loved doing despite the loss of my hair and the fact that by the end of the concert my ears turned dark purple!

My dream was to make people happy. My wish was to make a difference. I did not know how to do it. I always wanted to make people smile, laugh and find joy. Today, I can say that my dream did come true.  I live with purpose and a lot of love in my heart…My grandmother had only four grades of school and could not even write. With no education, and with a huge amount of love in her heart, she always managed to convince me that my performances were fantastic and that I looked beautiful regardless of my baldness. That unshakable faith in me was my ticket to success.

Do you have or know of children in your life to show your unshakable faith and love to?

Is there a kid in your life to whom you can give the ticket to growing life confidence right now?

If you do have children, start displaying your respect and admiration to them. Trust me, it doesn’t take too much, but if you choose to stay committed to the process and show them your support and greater emotional availability, soon enough you can change your child’s level of self-esteem and sense of well-being.

With unconditional love, consistent belief in your children’s uniqueness, continuous and conscious efforts to speak positively to and about your children, you will have the power to positively affect the way your children show up to face life’s biggest challenges.   

With Love,