True Friendships Make Us Grow

I dedicate this short poem to my best friend from the United Arab Emirates,

Noura Al Kheyali.

Noura was the first one who showed me the beauty of Arab culture and Arab women. I remember that I saw her in my dream a few years before my visit to the Arab world. In that dream, she was holding my hand and taking me to a huge black ocean that I was so scared to cross. I remember Noura telling me: “Don’t be afraid it not an ocean in front of you… It is a large group of Arab women in black gowns waiting for you.” Then she softly added: “We are waiting for you, we are calling for you… That was a truly divine dream that indicated that a girl with a name Noura will open a door to help others…

Three years later after my dream, I finally met Noura and recognized her right away. She was a girl from my dream. Noura was one of the first girls I have met in the UAE. She kindly opened the doors of her warm house and showed me the unparalleled hospitality of the Emirati Culture. Because of Noura, it becomes possible and doable for me to empower women of the Arab region to feel more confident, powerful, self-accepting and happy with who they are. Today, I consider Noura is my non-blood Arab sister. She is almost twenty years younger than me, but her wisdom and kindness go beyond her age.

When I wrote this poem, I also thought about other remarkable Emirati ladies that I was privileged to work with during my coaching practice in Dubai, Sharjah and other Emirates. I realized that they are one of the most beautiful hidden secrets of the world. The mind, the heart, and the beauty of Arab women never stop to amaze me since the first time I was introduced to them.

Thank you, my friend, Noura for showing me the uniqueness and warmth of your culture and traditions. This poem is dedicated to you and other Arab women who never settle for less and constantly strive for self-improvement and the enhancement of the communities around them.



When you feel weak – remember the moments when YOU were STRONG

When you feel unloved – remember that your LOVE IS INSIDE of you

When you feel empty – remember that ALLAH fills you with LIGHT constantly

When you feel lonely – remember that you have FRIENDSHIPS that have NO LIMITS or distance

When you feel pain – remember that YOU CAN OVERCOME anything, because you are powerful

When you feel like crying – just cry, then wipe your tears… say Halli – Whalli (which means I don’t care) and STAND UP TALL

When you feel uncertain – remember: all the answers are inside of YOU, just stay quiet, stay still, then ASK & LISTEN

When you feel guilty – ask yourself if it’s a voice of self-love or self-blame…and then FORGIVE YOURSELF

When it is hard for you to say ‘no’ – just tell yourself that setting boundaries is the ACT of SELF-RESPECT

When you feel that you can’t love yourself right now – remind yourself: SELF-ACCEPTANCE is the fastest way to happiness

Accept Yourself for who you are today and continue to grow… to become a BETTER-SELF and to create a BETTER LIFE …

With Love,