Mother playing with baby

Great Mothers

Good day my, Wonderful Friend!


Today I want to talk about great mothers!

  • Great mothers are not the ones who are perfect or who act in perfect ways in front of their kids.
  • Great mothers know their own imperfections, and yet they choose to focus on their strengths. They are approaching parenting from the standpoint of inner power and self-acceptance, not from self-judgment or self-doubt.
  • Great mothers know their children’s imperfections and flaws, and yet choose to focus on their children’s strengths and uniqueness.
  • Great mothers raise their children with a continuous commitment to growth and self-discovery. They understand that parenting is for the “long-run journey,” the journey where they will never retire from the title of a “MOTHER.”
  • Great mothers choose to take this journey as an opportunity to become a better daughter, a better friend, a better partner, and a better human being. She knows one thing very clearly: is that during her long-run journey, her children will learn from her mistakes, her commitment to improving herself and her commitment to the world. There is a very high chance that children will learn from her and her ever-growing thirst to live a meaningful life.
  • Great mothers know that one of the most important things she can offer to her children is her own example of living, learning, making mistakes, overcoming and winning.
  • Great mothers know that it’s not how big the wins are, but how consistent is her commitment to self-growth and self-acceptance of herself as a special human being with a unique gift on this planet. From that place, Great Mother can give to their children without completely depleting herself, because she lives in a constant flow of love.
  • Great mothers have the wisdom of knowing that when they accept themselves when they know that making mistakes is an integral part of growth, they give their children the most beautiful gift of confidence any child can receive from a parent.
  • Great mothers give their children a beautiful GIFT OF ACCEPTANCE of who they are and a GIFT OF ENCOURAGEMENT for trying new things!

Great Mothers are everywhere! Are you one of them?

If not yet, what steps can you take today toward becoming a Great Mother?


With Love,