A Woman of Dignity

A woman with dignity knows how to express her emotions and how to exercise self-control. But only on the condition of her emotions coming from the place of self-love and her sense of control coming from the place of self-respect and not from the fear to express her true self.

With Love,

How Attraction Works

When I gathered courage and stopped lying to myself and others; when I took responsibility and stopped looking for excuses – almost immediately people who I’d call procrastinators and negativists disappeared from my life and, instead, quality and driven people showed up. That’s when I realized that the law of attraction is not about what we want, but more about WHO WE ARE.

With Love,

Clear Mind, Clear Heart

To see if person has a clear mind – listen if they speak with clarity.

To see if person has a clear heart – don’t listen, but feel if they speak from the place of  kindness and dignity.

With Love,

A Man of Dignity

A man of dignity would tell a woman the truth even if he might lose her. A man with an ego tells a woman lies because he cannot handle losses, rejection or judgment.

If you want to be with a man who can make you feel like a woman, go for a truthful man because truth requires bravery. Sweet lies eventually vanish. Truth and bravery are timeless.

With Love,

Evolution of red tomato - maturing process of the fruit – stages of development

Fresh Ingredients of Your Life

I like to cook my food with fresh ingredients… What ingredients do we usually “cook” our life with? Do we bring fresh ideas? Do we welcome fresh ideas or keep being stuck in our past? Do we surround ourselves with interesting people who have a fresh outlook on life? Do we stay active mentally, emotionally and physically to stay fresh in our mind, spirit, and body? The only way to avoid stagnation is to keep purging old and unnecessary ideas and information and to create space for newness, freshness, innovation, and progress.

Fresh means brand-new, mint, bold, assertive and progressive.

Fresh is exciting! Stay fresh in every area of your life!

With Love,

Woman applying mascara

Beauty and Stupidity

I rushed to my meeting, and while looking into my car mirror, I realized that I forgot to apply my mascara. I knew that whenever I applied mascara, my eyes looked more beautiful… I felt stupid that I rushed so much and forgot to apply it on my eyelashes. I looked in my bag and felt stupid again because I forgot to take my mascara with me.

I looked again in the mirror, and my reflection told me: “Your stupidity is not in forgetting to apply the mascara at home or in forgetting to take it with you. Your stupidity is in forgetting that your eyelashes are beautiful not because of what you apply on them, but simply because they are a part of YOU… You must remember that EVERYTHING about you is BEAUTIFUL, including all of your imperfections…absolutely EVERYTHING…”.  

With Love,

Tangerines on a wooden table.

Orange is Like Desire

You can think about the orange and the way it would taste in your mouth. You can enjoy its bright color; you can even smell its freshness from the surface of its skin… But you could never fully experience its delicious taste or enjoy the health benefit of vitamin C in the orange unless you take action: peel the skin off, divide the slices and eat it… 

The same process applies to your DESIRE – you can think about it, dream about it and visualize it, but unless you take action, nothing will happen… So the most critical part is TAKING ACTION…DO IT NOW…, or else your orange will go bad, and you will never feel its fresh taste and enjoy its nutritional value… TAKE YOUR ACTION NOW, before it’s too late.

With Love,

Professor helping a student in classroom

True Students Attract True Masters

True students are the ones who never stop seeking the best master in their field. True students want to learn from the masters who are experienced, passionate and suitable for their growth. 

 True masters are the ones who never stop learning from their most challenging students. True masters acquire valuable knowledge and experience from the students who, often times, unintentionally shed light onto a master’s areas of improvement. The right student might indirectly reveal master’s need for further development, expansion, exploration, and practicing a new outlook on things. 

The truly compatible parings of a master and a student happen when it represents the elements of rapport, manageable discomfort with growth, and commitment to continuous progress from both parties. 

With Love,

Woman looking at herself in the mirror

What I Focus on – Eventually Prevails

Today is the happiest day of my life…because I decided it to be so. Every day can be happy, even with the moments of sadness and broken hopes. I choose to focus on ‘HAPPY’. 

What I focus on – will eventually prevail. 

With Love,

To Stay Inspired, Spend Time with Inspiring People

If you want to stay inspired, make sure to spend as much time as possible with inspiring and driven people. Imagine them. Look for them. Find them. Attract them. These type of people are usually busy. Make yourself worthy of their time and attention. Get busy, find your own motivation, strive to become a knowledgeable and inspiring person for people around you.  

Like attracts like. If you continue to be inspired by exposing yourself to an uplifting and motivating information, you will eventually feel inspired and uplifted. You will be surprised how soon many motivated and progressive people will be drawn into your life. Your confident energy will attract them. It’s a process – commit yourself to it and watch amazing things unfold before your eyes. 

With Love,