A Woman of Dignity

A woman with dignity knows how to express her emotions and how to exercise self-control. But only on the condition of her emotions coming from the place of self-love and her sense of control coming from the place of self-respect and not from the fear to express her true self.

With Love,

How Attraction Works

When I gathered courage and stopped lying to myself and others; when I took responsibility and stopped looking for excuses – almost immediately people who I’d call procrastinators and negativists disappeared from my life and, instead, quality and driven people showed up. That’s when I realized that the law of attraction is not about what we want, but more about WHO WE ARE.

With Love,

Clear Mind, Clear Heart

To see if person has a clear mind – listen if they speak with clarity.

To see if person has a clear heart – don’t listen, but feel if they speak from the place of  kindness and dignity.

With Love,

A Man of Dignity

A man of dignity would tell a woman the truth even if he might lose her. A man with an ego tells a woman lies because he cannot handle losses, rejection or judgment.

If you want to be with a man who can make you feel like a woman, go for a truthful man because truth requires bravery. Sweet lies eventually vanish. Truth and bravery are timeless.

With Love,